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Science/ Design/ Math and Technology

Our students have been busily engaged in drafting, building, measuring, cutting, nailing, screwing and making some simple machines. They have incorporated mathematic principles as well as calculations to design and make can crushers, and other machines which push, pull, or move other objects.

The completed products are on display in the forum and they are drawing quite a bit of attention. Thanks to ... Continue reading "Science/ Design/ Math and Technology"

National Sweater Day – February 2

On February 2, 2017 All Saints will take part in the National Sweater Day Campaign. This is a event which helps to raise awareness for the conservation of energy and supports our eco-initiatives at the school.

All students are asked to wear their sweaters on February 2 as the temperature of the school will be decreased by two degrees in the afternoon. This ... Continue reading "National Sweater Day – February 2"

Black History Month

We will be celebrating Black History Month by recognizing the many contributions of the Black community to the world including the Arts, Math and Science, Literature, Politics and Education. There will be displays in the school, and students will engage in themes of social justice, music and religion which recognize, celebrate and celebrate the multitude of influences which have served to enrich our lives. ... Continue reading "Black History Month"

Cardboard Boat Race Competitions

Our Cardboard Boat Race Teams performed fantastically at the recent competitions in York Region. Both of our teams finished top 10 our of 33 teams. We are very proud of their efforts and their skill in design, technology, engineering and construction. We are still waiting for the results of the video component of the competition. Stay tuned.

Toronto Rock Lacrosse Family Spirit Night

Once again, we are organizing our Toronto Rock Lacrosse Family Fun Night. SAVE THE DATE: February 17, 2017. We have reserved excellent seats for our school community. Transportation will be provided. Tickets are $21.00. Transportation is $9.00. The final price of $30.00 is a bargain. The game of Lacrosse is our national sport, and it is exciting! Come on out. Lets keep the spirit alive ... Continue reading "Toronto Rock Lacrosse Family Spirit Night"

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