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World Down Syndrome Day – 3/21

On Tuesday, March 21st, AST will be celebrating World Down Syndrome Day (which is recognized annually on 3/21). While people born with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome, it is important to recognize that the little “extra” doesn’t define them. It’s just one aspect of their lives that makes them AWESOME! This Friday, staff and students are asked to celebrate our uniqueness and spread awareness ... Continue reading "World Down Syndrome Day – 3/21"

Safety First

Each moment of the school day, our dedicated staff goes to great lengths to ensure students are safely accounted for and supervised. However, prior to the school day, and at the conclusion of the school day, it is very easy to see that the East Parking Lot Area can become a very congested and, potentially, unsafe area for our children. Students, sometimes unaccompanied by adults, ... Continue reading "Safety First"