Progress Reports and Parent-Teacher Interviews

Our school will be delivering Progress Report Cards electronically on Tuesday, November 16 (after 4:00 p.m.) via the Parent Portal.

Parents are encouraged to sign-on to the Parent Portal in advance of November 16, 2021 to ensure your username and password will allow access.

To access this portal, please click on the “Parents” link in the top banner of the website.  From the Parents page, you will find a link to “Maplewood Parent Portal ConnectEd” on the right hand side.

For detailed instructions on registering, using the portal, and to seek support, please visit:

The purpose of the Progress Report is to communicate the following about your child in all subjects since the beginning of the school year:

  • Development of the six categories of learning skills and work habits (responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative, and self-regulation).
  • General progress towards the achievement of the curriculum expectations.

In terms of structure, the Progress Report Card consists of two pages which both contain teacher comments highlighting your child’s strengths and next steps for improvement. The first page focuses on learning skills and work habits while the second page speaks to each subject area. Since it is too early to accurately assign a letter grade or percentage mark, your child’s progress in each subject area will be noted using the following indicators: Progressing With DifficultyProgressing Well or Progressing Very Well.

The Progress Report Card is designed to establish effective lines of communication to strengthen positive home-school relationships for the whole school year. This report will help to focus rich dialogue around student learning between teachers, their students and parents/guardians. Please take some time to review the Progress Report Card with your child and to complete the Student Comments section at the bottom of Page 2.

All parents have been invited to participate in Parent-Teacher interviews so that student progress can be addressed in more detail. The dates set for interviews are November 18 (evening) and 19 (morning), 2021. Teachers will communicate the interview times in the coming days. Should you require an interpreter to facilitate effective communication, please contact the school office.