Carnaval Week Fun

Carnaval at All Saints will be taking place on February 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Listed below are the daily activities and a contest that will take place so that the students will have an opportunity to experience some festivities.

Theme Days

February 2 – Le jour du chandail (Jersey Day) 

February 3 – Le jour des cheveux fous fous (Crazy Hair Day)

February 4 – Le jour de la tuque/cravate bizarre (Wacky tuque or tie day)


Daily LOTO games will be played during French class periods, virtually! At the end of the week, once a class has covered their entire card, we will have our winner! 

Bonhomme Carnaval:

We can’t have Carnaval week without our famous guest Bonhomme Carnaval! We are hoping to get a photo of him to help us celebrate, safely and at a distance, of course! 

We hope that everyone enjoys the virtual learning experience of French culture during Carnaval at All Saints.


Mme Lamanna & Mlle Adams