Catholic Education Week – 2023


Each year, the “Catholic community of Ontario engages in a week-long celebration of the unique identity and distinctive contributions of Catholic education during Catholic Education Week”. This year, Catholic Education Week will be celebrated during the first week of May at All Saints CES.

This year’s Catholic Education Week theme is, “We are Many, We are One.”
The theme for Catholic Education Week 2023 was inspired by the following considerations:
● The Church worldwide has embarked on a synodal process, “a synod on synodality,” which centres on intentional listening: listening to each other and listening to the Holy Spirit. We have each been asked to actively reach out and listen to the voices and experiences of people where they are at
and consider what steps the Holy Spirit is inviting us to take as we walk together. As the Catholic Bishops of Ontario highlighted in Renewing the Promise, “It is about taking the time to walk alongside one another, to listen and to teach, and in doing so, to transform.”
● Ongoing recognition of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission and the importance of Indigenous culture and spirituality as we move forward together.
● The Ministry of Education’s focus on Inclusion and Equity resonates with all educators and administrators as we desire to serve all of God’s children and Pope Francis’ encyclical entitled, Fratelli Tutti, will guide us in this good work.
● The challenges to personal and spiritual well-being posed by the uncertainty of the current global crisis makes the timing and the concerns of Mental Health Week, which takes place during the same week as Catholic Education Week, all the more relevant.

There are five sub-themes for each day of Catholic Education Week. The five sub-themes for Catholic Education Week illuminate the path to being many and one. We achieve this unity…
Monday: When we see / En voyant
Tuesday: When we listen / En écoutant
Wednesday: When we reflect / En réfléchissant
Thursday: When we learn / En apprenant
Friday: When we act / En agissant

Every year, the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association (OCSTA) provides our Catholic schools with a resource kit to help schools prepare for Catholic Education Week. Using these resources, as well as our own developed activities, we have prepared a series of activities, which will highlight how We are Many, We are One at our school.

All Saints CES is so very proud to celebrate Catholic Education Week through prayer and special activities throughout the week. We will kick off the week with a Catholic Education Week Liturgy which will be lovingly led by our Grade SK/1 students and our choir. All are invited to attend on Monday, May 1st at 1:40 p.m.

The remainder of the week will also consist of an interactive lessons, reflections, morning announcements, a province-wide virtual Catholic Education Week Mass, AnnFrances Walk, Challenger Baseball Event,
Junior Basketball tournaments, and preparation for our Environmental Stewardship STREAM Week, which will be taking place in June (stay tuned for more information).

We thank you for your continued support and commitment to Catholic Education, as we attempt to rebuild, restore, and renew together.